Some people are obsessed with cleaning, which cleans their house three times a day, and then some do not even want to do the laundry. If you belong to either category and have carpets in your house or office, this article is for you.

Your carpets should have a fixed cleaning routine; not cleaning your carpet is as bad as over-cleaning. So here are some guidelines for you to fix a carpet cleaning schedule.


Many people consider vacuuming the sole cleaning method for carpets, but that is just a single step in the lengthy carpet cleaning procedures. The frequency of vacuuming depends on the usage of carpet. For regular use, you should vacuum your carpets once every two weeks. It is good to clean the high traffic areas of your carpets more often. But if you have pets at home, it would be suitable to vacuum carpets daily as there are more chances of getting dirty. So, fix the vacuuming schedule based on the situation at home.


Everyone loves a good sunbath during the summer but have you ever thought that your carpets also need an excellent sunbath? Yes, you read that right, your carpets have to be put out in the sun once in a while to retain freshness. The wind and sunlight will reduce the chances of your carpet becoming dull and smelly. You can do this at least once in two months in summers and more often during winters. Also, it is a must to give your carpets an air dry after rain because when during your carpet gets damp quickly, which leads to fungal formation.

Water wash

Like any other fabric, carpet requires water wash; use delicate fabric detergents or unique carpet cleaning solutions for this. We suggest you do hand washing rather than machine washing and wash it separately. Rinse the soap thoroughly from the carpet before putting it out for air drying. You have to clean your carpets once a year and not a single time more than that. A home wash can ruin your carpet if you do not handle it gently, so take extra care and never use a stiff brush or any other solid object to rub your carpet.

Wash Stains

That also has to be a part of your carpet care routine; stains can damage your carpets if left uncleaned for a long time. Blot the stains neatly with water or any solution the second you see that on your carpet. Always remember to pick the right products for cleaning based on the stain, and wipe from outwards to inwards so that the stain won’t spread.

Professional Cleaning!

Even after your routine cleaning, you still have to contact a professional cleaner to ensure that your carpets are clean and safe. There are various allergens and germs present in your carpet. Your regular cleaning routine cannot wipe them out completely. Even though this is an essential part of your carpet cleaning routine, you don’t have to do it frequently. You can give your carpets to a professional from twice a year to once every one and a half years based on your usage. For the best carpet cleaners Hayden, visit Clean-master and book now!

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