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Rug Cleaning | Stain Removal | Odor Removal

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Clean-Master has been Serving Spokane valley with Excellence for over 30 years. We are a 5 Star Company with a 5 Star rating with Google and other Sites. We have over 100 Five-Star Google Reviews (click here to see our Reviews) and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We use the most Advanced Technology in Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Cleaners to get your Carpet and Upholstery looking like New and Smelling Fresh. We Clean and Rinse your Carpets, leaving no Residue and Feeling Soft!

When you Hire Clean-Master, you’re not just hiring an ordinary Carpet Cleaning Company. Kerry cares about his work and personally cleans your carpet as if it were his own.

All our work is Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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25+ years of experience


Years of experience



Satisfied Customers



BBB Rating



Five star Google Review

First We will inspect your carpet or Upholstery for visible spots and areas that will need more work than other areas.
Next we prespray the carpets or Upholstery with our safe but very effective cleaners to break up tougher areas such as high-traffic areas and spots. This step will help loosen the soil and stains before the cleaning.
Then we Rinse and Extract your carpet with Hot Water with our with our high powered “Prochem Everest 650” Truck Mount, leaving carpets residue-free and feeling soft.
Last step We groom your carpet with a carpet rake, lifting the pile up, leaving your carpets looking like new.
Quick Dry : While we are cleaning your carpets we are drying your Spokane Valley carpets with our “Stealth AV300 Blower” so your carpets dry as quickly as possible.
Enjoy Cleaner, Fresher Carpets with Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

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What our Customers
are Saying

We have over a hundred five star reviews and growing. You can find these at places like Better Business Bureau and Google.

Our owner

Kerry Morris, has over 30 years of experience in Carpet Cleaning and does all of his work himself. When you hire Clean-Master to Clean your Carpets, you'll get most advance and latest technolgy in equipment and cleaners to get your carpets smelling fresh and looking like new. Above all, we are dedicated to treating every carpet with the same care we would show to our own carpets, servicing countless of satisfied customers through the years. That is how we earned our A+ rating through our Better Business Bureau membership, and over 100 five-star Google reviews.

"I take my time and am very thorough and care about every job I do. I enjoy doing a great job and bringing satisfaction to my customers." Kerry

Why Choose us

Kerry Morris has operated Clean-Master in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Valley for 25 years.

We have served thousands of happy and satisfied customers over the Years.


Clean-Master is a member with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.


We use Top-of-The Line State -of- the -Art Truck-Mount Equipment


Clean-Master has over 100 Five star Google Reviews.


All our work is guaranteed

The Importance of Professional Carpet Care

While most people understand the importance of taking care of their carpets, some believe that this is a task they can undertake on their own. That is why you’ll notice that some Spokane Valley home owners vacuum their carpets regularly, hoping that this kind of care is all that their carpets need. Of course regular vacuuming is necessary, but it should only be a stop gap measure. Proper vacuuming will help get rid of the dirt that has settled on the carpet’s surface, but unfortunately, most carpets will have tons of dirt embedded into them. This kind of dirt can never be adequately dealt with by merely vacuuming. That is why your carpets will need to be professionally, ideally at least once annually.

In addition to getting rid of dirt that vacuuming could have failed to remove, professional carpet cleaning has very distinct benefits.

Adds Years to Your Carpet

Carpets do take a beating and most have to be replaced sooner than would otherwise be the case if they were taken care of. In homes where people simply walk on carpets without bothering to remove shoes, it is inevitable that plenty of dirt will be tracked into the home . Most of this dirt can never be adequately removed without some professional deep cleaning. Neglected carpets therefore wear out too soon and if you desire to increase the life expectancy of your carpet it is necessary to schedule regular Spokane Valley professional cleaning.

In addition to making your home look great, a properly maintained carpet should be viewed as an important asset. It is not uncommon for people to spend vast amounts of money to purchase the most striking carpets. Replacing such a carpet will cost you much more than the simply having your carpets professional cleaned. The cost of cleaning is insignificant when compared to the cost of replacement. Our Carpet cleaners have the answer.

Carpet Manufacturers Expect It

Some carpet manufacturers give extended warranties on their products, but unbeknownst to some people, such warranties become useless when you fail to provide proper carpet care. Just as the manufacturer of your car requires that you get the vehicle serviced at stipulated intervals, carpet manufactures are aware that neglected carpets will not last as long as they should and therefore whatever warranty you were given will be voided. Providing evidence that you take care of your carpets is easy when you can provide the details that a professional cleaning company services your carpets on a regular basis.

Pro Cleaning Is Deep Cleaning

As noted above, vacuuming only deals with visible dirt on the carpet’s surface. Note that the kind of dirt that a carpet receives is very diversified. For a Spokane Valley home that has many residents and kids, you’ll be dealing with varied amounts of dirt. If you also have pets, it is not uncommon to find pet droppings and urine on the carpet. With time such carpet will be releasing very unwelcome odors and these can only be dealt with through professional deep cleaning. This is the kind of cleaning that highly benefits in removing the unpleasant odors. It will also greatly improve the air quality in your home. Make your home inviting to the residents and visitors by contracting Kerry at Clean-Master for a true and honest deep cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning is an affordable investment that delivers many benefits. To enjoy the true benefits of great looking carpets, let Clean-Master handle your carpet cleaning needs.

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