Let us begin with the most asked question, how often do you clean your carpets?

Once in a while or never?

Most of the carpet owners do not wash their carpets until and unless it is visibly dirty. If you belong to any of those categories, it is time to change your habits. Your carpet could be dirty even without a stain mark or dirt on it, and there is nothing more harmful than letting it remain like that.

Are you confused?

Don’t worry; we will tell you why you should clean your carpet regularly. Scroll down to find out the importance of carpet cleaning Spokane Valley.

Risks of Not Cleaning Your Carpet?

Your carpets are the playground of all the dirt and germs that enter your house. And the more you keep it uncleaned, the more you will be at risk. Here are the ill effects of not cleaning your carpets regularly:

Health risks:

The disease-causing mites, bacteria, and viruses present in your carpet multiplies every second and keeps your health at risk. From allergies to digestive disorders, your dirty carpet can gift you a lot of diseases. And when we say diseases, we mean conditions that can be fatal if not treated well.

Foul Smell:

Carpet is a fabric, like any other fabric you own. Can you imagine reusing the same cloth for six months straight without washing it? No, right? Then how can you use your carpet without cleaning for six months?
Uncleaned carpets will produce a foul smell that fills up the room and makes the place unlivable.

Destroy the aesthetics:

The whole reason behind buying carpets is to make your rooms more beautiful. However, over time, it will get filthy and disturbs the aesthetic beauty of the place.

Wear and Tear:

Indeed, your carpets won’t remain good and beautiful forever. However, the time each carpet takes from getting ruined depends on how you care for your carpet. And carpet cleaning plays a vital role in keeping the carpets in good condition for a long time.

Carpet Cleaning Schedule

Now you know why you should clean your carpets, but do you know how? Don’t worry; we have got your back in this.

The following are the set of cleaning activities that you should include in your carpet cleaning outline, .

Regular Vacuuming:

Vacuuming is an excellent way to clean off dust and other particles on your carpet. But remember that vacuuming once in a while won’t do the trick. If your strategy of keeping the carpets clean is vacuuming, do it once every two days. The lesser time dirt stays on the carpet, the easier it will be for vacuuming.

Sun Dry:

Keep your carpets out in the sun every once in a while to keep them fresh and hygienic. It keeps carpets out of foul smell and ensures that it remains dry and moist free.

Shampoo Washing:

Washing with water and carpet cleaning shampoo is a good option to keep it out of germs. However, you should have the right shampoo and tools to do that.

Professional Cleaning:

In the longer run, all the carpet cleaning techniques seem insufficient for cleaning your carpet. And that is when professional cleaning comes into play; we clean your carpets with utmost precision and care to ensure clean and healthy.

Why Clean-Master?

Clean-master is one of the most trusted carpet cleaners Coeur d’Alene and the other parts of the USA have. From home to commercial spaces, we clean all the carpets with complete precision and utmost care.

So reach out to us now for clean carpets and a healthy home.

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