You must be wondering why we are talking about vacuum cleaners and not about carpet cleaners. As you know, to do something perfectly, you really need a clear understanding of it. Understanding the procedure, implementation, and the devices you are going to use. Coming directly to the point, for carpet cleaning, the most common device we love to use is a vacuum cleaner. Have you ever given a thought about how this device works that easily with that complicated machinery?

Isn’t it interesting how this device sucks the tiny dust particles dispersed over your carpet or a piece of cloth? Even the small particles can’t be spared out of it. And then there is this dust bag where all the evil little creatures and dust particles can be stored so that you can throw them away. Fascinating, right? And now you would love to read what exactly is inside your vacuum cleaner before knowing what’s inside your carpet?

Modern Vacuum Cleaner: Parts


The motor acts as the heart of a vacuum cleaner, just like all appliances! It powers the vacuum cleaner and helps produce suction. More the suction power in the vacuum less time it will take to clean the surface. Most of the time, high pressure destroys the grace and novelty of fibers.


The cord is connected to the power outlet, which supplies electricity to the suction unit of the vacuum cleaner.


A fan is attached to the vacuum cleaner just beside the rotating brush. It helps in moving dust particles through the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner.


Modern vacuum cleaners come with a wand that can assist different attachments for a wide range of cleaning.


It is basically a light that indicates that it’s time to change the dust bag. This automatic indicator light-ups and reminds you to change the bag when the bag is filled. This helps the vacuum cleaner can work smoothly without bearing an extra load.


It is also known as a vacuum belt, which connects the motor to the brush system and helps brushes spin swiftly.


Brush rollers come with electric power nozzles and are regularly used for deep cleaning of rugs, carpets, and mattresses.

Power Head

Also known as the power nozzle, which is present on the bottom of every vacuum cleaner. Powerhead comes with a clogged port to remove blockage easily, if there’s any. This helps in the efficient working of the device without any internal damage.


Most of the modern vacuum cleaners come with an extra feature i.e., headlight. This functions for extra visibility while cleaning. Headlight basically brightness the surface you are cleaning so that you can clean easily even in the dark.


A vacuum cleaner is equipped with two types of filters:

  • Post-motor filter: this is responsible for preventing debris from entering into the vacuum’s inner mechanism.
  • HEPA filter: high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter separates dirt particles (allergen particles) from exhausted air. Furthermore, it ensures that only pure air can be released from the vacuum.


Hope now you are well known to the parts of a vacuum cleaner. Next time you grab your vacuum cleaner for Carpet Cleaning, you two will be quite well acquainted! Anyway, Clean Master has carpet cleaners Liberty Lake, too, in case you need professional carpet cleaning.

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