We decorate our homes with all sorts of products, framed photos for our walls, beautiful curtains for our windows, and lovely carpets for our floor. But to maintain this beauty is complex; the pictures get dull over time, curtains become dusty, and the rugs become dirty. The carpets can be the dirtiest home décor if you do not clean them regularly, but we know that carpet cleaning is not an easy task! So here we are disclosing some secrets tips to keep your carpets clean. From now on, no more dirty carpets, only beautiful carpet!

How to clean your carpets?

Carpets are delicate fabrics, and you have to clean them in the right way to maintain their long life. Here are some of the things you can include in your carpet cleaning routine for a healthy carpet.

  • Sun for rescue:

Carpets become smelly and dull over time, but regular washing or professional cleaning is not practical. That is where the sun comes into play; put the rug out in the sun once in a while. It will freshen up your carpet and kill some microbes in it, making it suitable for use again. Always make sure that your carpet is not over-exposed to sunlight; overexposure might lead to the fading of color. Try to keep it out during the evenings and ensure that the outer surface (colored) is not facing the sun.

  • Ice on gum:

Sticky chewing gums are the hardest to remove from carpets, and this might happen to your carpet more often if you have small kids at home. When chewing gum sticks to the mat, it gets attached to the carpet fibers and becomes irremovable. If you try to pull that off, some of the gum attached to the thread remains stuck to it. You can easily remove it with an ice cube, place the ice cube on the gum, wait for five to 10 minutes for the gum to get frozen, and quickly take out the gum.

  • Heat for Wax Removal:

Candle wax can also be hard to remove from carpets if you don’t know the correct method. Place a cloth over the affected area, iron it with an iron box, and blot the melted wax carefully. That is not an easy process and requires 3 to 4 repetitions; ensure minimum temperature on the iron box throughout the process.

  • Baking soda might do the trick:

If you are a person who regularly vacuums your carpet, then this is something that you can do to add a little freshness. Spread some baking soda over your carpet and clean the rug for five minutes; this will give a fresh odor to your carpet. You don’t even have to do it every time; a little baking soda keeps out the bad smell for a long time.

The ultimate solution!

All these tricks can be helpful for a limited period, but the ultimate solution for carpet cleaning is deep cleaning by a professional. Professional carpet includes deep stain removal, steam wash, quick-drying, and a lot more for your healthy carpet and happy home. For best carpet cleaning Post Falls, visit contact Clean-Masters now.

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