Carpets are one of the essential parts of your home decor that add a different charm to the interior of your hall or drawing room. It is our responsibility to keep them clean and maintain the hygiene of our home. Dirty carpets are the worst to destroy the decor of your home and can be an invitation to diseases and viruses. Dirty carpets look aged due to lots of dirt and soil particles. We need to clean them regularly to keep our atmosphere clean and healthy. 

There are a lot of options available when choosing a carpet cleaning company for your organization or house. However, it is helpful to know the various types of carpet cleaning technologies used by different companies, because all cleaning methods will not be helpful to clean your carpet. In the market, you can find the following types of carpet cleaning services in Post Falls

Extraction of hot water 

Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that agitates carpet fibers with high pressure hot water while dissolving dirt particles in the carpet.

Cleaning with hot water extraction usually involves applying a sanitizing agent to the soiled area, agitating it with a brush, and rinsing it afterwards. Following the initial settlement of the cleaning agent on the carpet, the carpet is rinsed thoroughly using carpet sanitizing equipment. Leave the carpet to get  dry in a room or air conditioned environment.

Shampooing carpets

Encapsulation technology replaced shampoo cleaning as a popular method. The technology of shampooing carpets may appear to remove heavily soiled carpets, but it has several drawbacks. These include high amounts of wet foam leftovers, sticky or sticky when dried, and rapid resoiling of carpet after shampooing. These drawbacks make this method of carpet cleaning minimally less popular than others.


Synthetic detergents are used as the base for foam encapsulation, to crystallize in the form of powder when it dries. When the cleaning mixture dries, it will encapsulate loose dirt particles in the carpet fibers, which can be brushed or vacuumed.

As opposed to carpet shampooing, encapsulation cleaning uses less amount of water to clean, resulting in a smaller drying time as compared to carpet shampooing. Most of the carpet cleaners in Post Falls following encapsulation cleaning, fewer chemical residues are left behind than after carpet shampooing, which is praised by people believing in the use of environmentally friendly products.

The encapsulation cleaning method has demonstrated effective cleaning results, but due to the technology’s limitations, it has not been able to thoroughly clean heavy soiling carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the latest cleaning methods found in the industry and has earned popularity and approvals by prominent carpet manufacturers because of its efficient cleaning performance and ease as it does not demand a long drying time.

The cleaning mixture is made up of biodegradable substances that work as micro-sponges to absorb the dust and dirt particles from the carpet. 


Different carpet cleaning tool manufacturers differentiate themselves by developing their unique cleaning formulas or powder formula and customize their tool design and function. Clean-Master is one of the best Carpet Cleaners in Post Falls providing best solutions of carpet cleaning. You can get in touch with us for more information.

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