Many of us are avid animal lovers and to such an extent that they are like our family. Well, loving animals is always a good thing, but you need to ensure that you are taking precautions. Not to only ensure your safety but their safety as well. Pets are sensitive, and they can be prone to multiple health issues with the mushy carpets and unwanted odors lurking in your house.

Pet odors are unavoidable, and your carpets can catch them without saying. So, what’s the solution? You might be thinking of carpet cleaning in Liberty Lake. Let’s get down to a brief inventory to know if cleaning actually removes odor from your carpets or not. Keep pondering!

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Help?

Odors are made from the mushy materials stuck in the deep fibers of your carpet, and in the long run, these can be sometimes hazardous. If all the materials are deterred from the carpet, it can help you to eliminate the unwanted smell. So, the professional carpet cleaning services CDA-based experts provide would be the right pick.

Many retail location stain removers may wreak havoc on your carpet’s texture and color. Furthermore, they are frequently laced with chemicals that should not be used around your pets. While store-bought deodorizers are less abrasive than stain removers, they generally disguise odors with powerful scents rather than removing the cause of the stink.

That’s why, if your dog does have an accident on the carpet, you should seek expert assistance. Clean Masters professionals not only have the required professional equipment and cleaning products to remove pet accident remains, but they often have the necessary knowledge to safeguard your carpet in the process.

How does Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment Work?

The urine of dogs and cats does not sit on the carpet’s surface. It adheres to the carpet underlay and can even permeate the flooring underneath it, just like every other liquid material. As the urine dries, it leaves away crystals that hold the cause of the noxious odor you’re trying to get rid of. That is why surface cleaning is ineffective in preventing pet mishaps. Instead, you’ll need to undertake some deep cleaning to decompose those pee crystals and keep your carpet looking clean and fresh.

This is where the Pet Urine Elimination Treatment method comes into play. For many pet owners, this exclusive procedure has allowed us to address the consequences of pet accidents. As a consequence, we were able to assist families in avoiding having to replace their carpets prematurely, saving them money and allowing them to return to their normal lives swiftly and pleasantly.

Here’s how we get rid of pet odors once and for all.

Inspection Prior to Cleaning

We begin by inspecting the carpet with sophisticated ultraviolet light. This light helps to reveal pee deposits that might otherwise go undetected. We can be certain and pinpoint the source of scents from prior incidents that may have gone unnoticed because of this procedure.

Hot Carbonating Extraction for Effective Carpet Cleaning

We use our Heated Carbonating Extraction cleaning procedure in the second phase to thoroughly clean your carpet. This procedure eliminates any residual liquid from mishaps and dislodges urine crystals, making it simpler to discard them.

Application of the P.U.R.T. Treatment

After that, we apply our unique P.U.R.T. remedy to each issue. This treatment penetrates the carpet’s backing to guarantee that no urine crystals are left untouched. Once it is done, the experts will keep your carpet away from the reach to make it dry. After drying, you will notice that all the smell has vanished.

So, get help from experts in carpet cleaning in Liberty Lake now. Call us!

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