We all have been there. Leaving heavy furniture in one spot on the carpet for too long causes dents over time. The weight of furniture compresses the fibers in the carpet. Often you try to rearrange a living room or bedroom to give it a new look. But the little reminders of your furniture from the indentations in the carpet. It is essential to remove them as they don’t look good.

The best way here to remove these carpet dents is by calling professional carpet cleaners. It is the most effective way that is most likely to work. If looking for expert carpet cleaning services Cda, get in touch with Clean Master. Apart from removing the indentations from your carpet left by heavy furniture, our team of professionals will remove years of accumulated dirt and dust particles. We believe that you vacuum your carpet on a routine basis, but deep cleaning is still required to get rid of dust that even vacuuming can’t remove.

At-Home Remedies to Remove Carpet Dents

Carpet dents are something that you can also remove on your own, but it matters how deep that dent is. We will discuss the four strategies that are likely to fix your carpet dents:

  • Use Vacuum

Using a vacuum is something that every homeowner often does to remove dust from the carpets. It can also be used to restore your intended areas of carpet to life. Before vacuuming:

  1. Try to untangle the fibers of the carpet with your fingers. This will loosen them and make them a little separated from each other.
  2. Attach the hose of your vacuum cleaner and switch it on.
  3. Hover the strong suction of your vacuum to the intended areas of carpet and the remaining carpet.

The carpets dents that are less stubborn, a vacuum would be able to remove them.

  • Using Hairdryer

For this method, you need a hairdryer and a spray bottle full of water. Now spray the water on the intended areas of the carpet. Spray enough water to saturate the area. Then switch on the hairdryer to its hottest setting and dry the wet carpet dents. Hold the hairdryer around 4 to 6 inches away from the carpet to avoid burning it. While drying, occasionally use your fingers to fluff up the fibers of the intended carpet. This will remove the flat areas on the carpet and help restore its original look.

  • Using Ice Cubes

You need ice cubes, a sponge and a coin. Place the ice cubes on the intended area of the carpet and let them melt. The carpet will soak up the water and will start rising up slowly. Use a sponge to blot away the water and gently lift the intended areas of the rug with a coin. It is the method that works fine in some cases.


It is essential to understand that not all intended areas of carpet can be restored. Say if you haven’t moved your carpet in a very long time, chances are that indentations may remain permanently. The above points that we mentioned can remove some minor indentations, but dents left for too long can be removed with the help of an expert carpet cleaner. Call the Clean Master today to have your indentations removed. We are your best bet when it comes to professional carpet cleaning.

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