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At Clean-Master we believe in providing excellent service for our customers. We have been serving the carpet cleaning needs of Coeur d’ Alene and Post Falls, ID residents for years. We use the “Prochem Everest 650” Truck-Mounted Equipment-Hot Water Extraction System. This system is one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines on the market, for professional carpet cleaning.

We clean with the Best equipment and cleaners, for the best results with thousands of happy satisfied customers through the years

When you Hire Clean-Master, you’re not just hiring an ordinary Carpet Cleaning company. Kerry cares about his work and personally cleans your carpet as if it were his own.

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Years of experience



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Cleaned and Rinsed”

Our carpet cleaning services are comprehensive. Our carpet cleaners pretreat your carpets with our safe, but very effective cleaners on heavy traffic areas and spots in order to loosen the soil and stains. Then, with our high powered truck mount equipment we use hot water with temperatures reaching 200 degrees and higher, we Rinse-Extract your carpets. Carpets are left Clean and without Residue and feeling soft. While we are cleaning your carpets, we are also drying your carpets with our “Stealth Blower” in order to quick dry your carpets. Our last step, after your carpets are cleaned, we groom your carpet with a carpet rake, lifting the pile up, leaving your carpets looking like new. Then we do a final walk thru with our customers to make sure they are fully satisfied.

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We have over a hundred five star reviews and growing. You can find these at places like Better Business Bureau and Google.


If you need your carpets cleaned Kerry is the guy to call. I had rented my house for a few years and the carpets were pretty well ruined. Thought I would have to replace. Kerry swooped in and they look almost brand new. Fantastic job.

Coeur d’ Alene, ID
Derek Cote


This is my 3rd time using clean master CDA. Kerry does a great job. He is in and out in a reasonable amount of time. The house smells so good when he is done. The carpets look so much better. Will probably call him again in spring or summer. Thank you Kerry for fitting me in.

Hayden, ID
Suzanne Patio


This is my 3rd time using clean master CDA. Kerry does a great job. He is in and out in a reasonable amount of time. The house smells so good when he is done. The carpets look so much better. Will probably call him again in spring or summer. Thank you Kerry for fitting me in.

Hayden, ID
Hayden, ID

Top-Notch Service from Experienced, Attentive Carpet Cleaners

Our owner, Kerry Morris, has over 27 years of experience in Carpet Cleaning and does all of his work himself. When you hire Clean-Master to Clean your Carpets, you’ll get most advance and latest technolgy in equipment and cleaners to get your carpets smelling fresh and looking like new. Above all, we are dedicated to treating every carpet with the same care we would show to our own carpets, servicing countless of satisfied customers through the years. That is how we earned our A+ rating through our Better Business Bureau membership, and over 100 five-star Google reviews.

“I take my time and am very thorough and care about every job I do. I enjoy doing a great job and bringing satisfaction to my customers.” Kerry

Why You Should Never Neglect Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are the carpets in your home or office covered in unsightly stains? Has it been a while since you last had carpet cleaners in to clean your carpets professionally? If you have answered yes to these questions, please read on to find out why professional carpet cleaning in Post Falls, ID is a service that should not be taken for granted. In fact, dirty and neglected carpets do not only reflect badly on a property owner, but also pose many health risks. You could be endangering the lives of your family members or your co-workers by failing to attend to this crucial task.

Dirty Carpets Pose Many Health Risks

Some people will only attempt to perform carpet cleaning when they become a complete eyesore, yet some proactive actions normally need to be taken. If you have started noticing the presence of visible dirt on a carpet you should be aware that the dirt that is embedded in the carpet could actually be more than meets the eye.

Regular vacuuming might help remove dirt on the surface, but real health risks are posed by the dirt inside the carpet’s fabric. Whenever people walk on carpets whose fabrics are housing furs, skin cells and other forms of dirt and dust, such particles get into the air and are eventually inhaled by the residents of the home. That is why you’ll notice that people in a home where carpets are never cleaned suffer from infections such as flu and itchy eyes or allergies. Such carpets are especially dangerous for people suffering pulmonary diseases such as asthma and frequent attacks might become more common. In fact, a dirty carpet has the ability of making people who are not currently suffering from asthma acquire the disease.

Neglected carpets could also provide the perfect breeding ground for a host of pests , especially when the carpet has food particles. If you have noticed roaches and other such pests in your home, there are very high chances that they could be getting their food from your carpet. Keep your home or office pest-free by contracting Kerry and the team of carpet cleaners at Cleanmaster for a professional deep clean in Post Falls, ID.

Dirty carpets could make residents suffer from myriad skin infections. Should you have a scratch on your feet and then walk on a dirty carpet you risk getting a skin infection. Infections and rashes are common in homes and offices with neglected carpets.

In a home with pets, it is almost inevitable that pet urine and droppings will find their way into the carpet. There are people who are allergic to the odor produced by pet fur and urine. Unless the carpet is regularly cleaned professionally, you might have your loved ones or guests in your home suffering from allergic reactions or developing skin rashes. Coughing, runny noses and sneezing are other common problems when you do not continue to care to for your carpets. This is when you know it is time to call in the professional carpet cleaners!

Loss of Productivity in an Office Setting

Neglecting the cleanliness in an office is a leading cause of stress for employees and can affect efficiency within the office. When employees get the signal that office management does not care for their welfare and well being, this might cause an office that fails at retaining their good employees. Even when such employees are not leaving the company you can expect that they will miss many days of work seeking treatment for a host of related illnesses. This is certainly bad for the company’s bottom line as it will also mean that plenty of money will be lost through avoidable absence.

Why Only Pro Carpet Cleaning Will Do

While many property owners appreciate the importance of keeping carpets clean, some think that this is a job that can be entrusted to company workers or that they could do it themselves. Some might also think that their carpets are fine as long as they are vacuumed regularly. Yet, true carpet care requires that carpets get professionally deep cleaned by carpet cleaners at least once a year. This is the only way you can be sure that bacteria and other allergens that could have taken residence in your carpets vanish. Professional carpet cleaning services also ensures that carpets are properly dried to ensure that they do not become a breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew. To enjoy the full benefits of a professionally cleaned carpet in Post Falls, ID, let Kerry at Cleanmaster take care of your carpet cleaning needs.

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